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We are experts in different areas of life but there is one thing we share: the love for Silesian language. We offer our knowledge and experience on the one side, and our passion and involvement on the other. Having worked with Silesian language for several years, we know that we can meet even most challenging expectations.

Adrian Goretzki

Born in Ruda Slaska, living in Katowice. He has been speaking Silesian since his childhood, writing for over a decade. Co-creator of the Facebook fanpage ‘Ślōnski suchar na dzisiej - Silesian Chestnut for Today’. He used to write Silesian articles for local media. Former member of Pro Loquela Silesiana association, involved in the making of ‘Słownik Gōrnoślōnskij Gŏdki’ – first complex Silesian language dictionary.

Basia Grządziel-Szylar

Lives in Katowice. Graduated in slavic linguistic studies. The member of Pro Loquela Silesiana association. Author of Silesian cooking blog ‘Basia Maszkeci’, used to write for Gryfnie website and Nowa Gazeta Slaska. Spends her free time teaching her husband how to speak Silesian.

Rafał Szyma

Born in Katowice, grew up in Pszczyna. Graduated in Polish philology. Graphic designer. Involved in creating board games, editing books and magazines in Silesian. For last couple of years he has been translating into Silesian and was responsible for the redaction and proofreading of several books written in Silesian („Kōmisŏrz Hanusik”, „Dante i inksi”, „Prōmytojs Przibity” and many others). Author of a blog in Silesian. In 2017 was published his debut collection of short stories in Silesian - "Leanderka".

Grzegorz Kulik

Born in Bytom. Translator of literature who so far has translated Twardoch’s “Drach”, Exupéry’s “The Little Prince”, and Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” to Silesian. Author of the Silesian version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 – the first ever computer game in this language. Co-creator of the biggest Silesian fanpage on Facebook: ‘Ślōnski suchar na dzisiej - Silesian Chestnut for Today’. He runs a videoblog “Chwila z gŏdkōm".

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