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‘A Question for breakfast’ TVP2, 24.06.2015


Adrian Gorecki talking in the nationwide public television about our project.

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"Report from Poland" TVP Regionalna, 24.06.2015


Adrian Gorecki talking in the regional public television about our project.

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Gazeta Wyborcza, 19.06.2015

‘We have created ‘’ as an answer to enquiries from individuals and companies proving that there is a demand for a site like this in Silesia. People living here want to learn thelanguage, its diversity, know more about spelling, discover Silesian culture and their own identity. It is not only a temporary trend of wearing t-shirts with funny words, it has been getting stronger in recent years – says Adrian Gorecki, creator of’

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Nowa Trybuna Opolska, 15.06.2015


‘Silesian language is experiencing its revival. People want to learn it, know more about Silesian culture. This is why we translate websites. We support people creating marketing campaigns in Silesian. Three of us have translated the Android operating system into Silesian so now it may be used in the most modern of Samsung mobile phones.’

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Metro, 11.06.2015


‘We aren’t going to wait for the official recognition of the Silesian language. It is going beyond Silesian houses here and now, heading right into the public space, to our smartphones, t-shirts, our daily life. It is becoming the phenomenon unprecedented in the worldwide scale so we must popularize it, educate, show its widest possible usage in our regular communication – says Gorecki.’

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Gazeta Wyborcza Katowice, 10.06.2015

‘Silesian language has been on the rise in recent years. It is not the temporary trend, it is something much more constant. Speaking Silesian is no longer a reason to be ashamed, on the contrary: the number of people keen to learn it and teach their children is growing all the time. Silesian identity today is much more than just regional sausages, Miners Day fest and amateur folk music.’

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